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About us
We are a local pro-European grassroots group, formed in early 2016, which campaigns for the UK to remain a full member of the European Union as this will be in the best interests of the UK and all who live here. We are proud to be members of the EU, and also proud of this country. We believe any form of Brexit, and especially the divisive and extreme no-deal Brexit that is now Government policy, will be a disaster for the UK. 


We are the Greenwich branch of European Movement UK and are members of Britain for Europe. We are also part of the cross-party People's Vote campaign, which is campaigning for a second referendum on any Brexit deal. 
If you share our concerns, and want to do something about the direction that the UK is heading in, then get in touch. There is a lot that can still be done to defend our way of life. We will continue to stand up for our beliefs no matter what the future holds.

What we do

Greenwich for Europe - Visiting the Houses of Parliament

Lobbying politicians
We lobby MPs and MEPs to act in the best 
interests of the UK, not blindly follow a whip.


We have also held several meetings with Matthew Pennycook MP, Shadow Minister for Brexit to discuss the current crisis.

Greenwich for Europe - Pro-EU Campaign street stall in London

Community Engagement
We hold street stalls, in collaboration with other grassroots groups, and attend events in the community where possible.


We also created a survey to determine the local impact and fears of Brexit when Article 50 passed its 1st vote in Parliament

Greenwich for Europe - Marching through Central London in support of remaining in the European Union

Supporting pro-EU movements

We take part in pro-EU demonstrations and marches, and proudly support events which show solidarity with our European friends and neighbours


We campaign for the most pro-EU candidate in by-elections, regardless of their party, as we did in Richmond for Sarah Olney MP.

Greenwich for Europe - logo of our pro-European group

Spreading a positive message

Through our newsletter and social media we spread a positive message about the EU, debunk Brexit lies, and share EU-related
good news. Join the newsletter below.

Greenwich for Europe - local grassroots campaign - regular meetings

Regular meetings

We hold monthly open meetings, chaired by our organising committee, where strategy is discussed and group decisions are made.

As members of European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, and the London Pro-Euopean Forum, we also meet with other groups on a regular basis to organise joint campaigns and share best practice.

And more, including...

  • Collecting petition signatures

  • Attending receptions

  • Writing to EU leaders

  • Sending thank you cards key figures

  • Publishing news items and opinion pieces both online and in print

  • Collaborating locally & nationally

  • Attending EU / Brexit debates & lectures

If you would like to get involved, then get in touch with us! Sign up to our newsletter (below), follow us on social media, and also join our members Facebook group, where most of our campaign work is coordinated. To contact our committee members directly, email 

You can see a selection of photos from our campaign work below. Clicking on a photo will enlarge it.

Street stall in Woolwich

Day of Action street stall in Woolwich

Taking part in the Unite for Europe march

Taking part in the 100,000 person "Unite for Europe" march 

Leafleting at Greenwich station during rush hour

Handing out flyers

Travelling to the Brighton #StopBrexit march

Travelling to the Brighton #StopBrexit march

Street stall in Greenwich

Street stall in Greenwich

A few of our members at the Manchester #StopBrexit march

At the Manchester #StopBrexit march

Street stall in Greenwich

Petition signatures

Distributing hundreds of EU flags at the Unite for Europe march

Handing out hundreds of EU flags at a march

Our Chair, Scott, being interviewed by Latin American TV

Our Chair, Scott, being interviewed by Latin American TV

Members of our group being interviewed by Al Jazeera

Some of our members being interviewed by Al Jazeera

Our Chair, Scott, was one of the organisers of the StopBrexit conference in London

Our Chair was an organiser of the successful Stop Brexit conference in London



If you might be interested in supporting our campaign, or hearing about our meetings and events, then why not add your email to our free mailing list?

Your details will be kept in our secure system and will not be used for any other purpose.
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